Friday, August 25, 2006

Hearing Aids

Mom finally got a hearing aid.  She was tested in June of this year and she learned that she had 80% hearing in one ear and 20% in the other.  The hearing aids were supposed to arrive 2 weeks after the order, but instead came in after 4 weeks and weren't correct.  They were returned and it took another month for the new ones to arrive.  After the fitting she took them home and things went remarkably well for about a week.  They didn't bother her ears and she said they really worked well.  After a week she inserted new batteries in them and all at once they both quit working.  We returned them to the doctor, who said he had never had such problems.  Another 2 weeks and the new ones arrived.  Asked what had caused the problem, the manufacturer replied, "No Comment."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Can you hear me yet?"

My mom will be 90 in a couple of months. She started losing her hearing at about 75. She has claimed that she isn't losing her hearing, but instead I mumble. Her hearing loss has caused her to mumble, but she insists that the problem is that I don't hear well. Whatever.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I talk to my mom every day even if I don't visit her. She talks constantly about things that cross her mind. When I'm at her house I pay her bills, tend to the yard or clean up the spyware on her computer. Her chatting ranges from what we ate that day to the problems presented by the grand children. She critiques my menus with grunts and faces. She doesn't talk about the mid east crises, Thank God.